Saturday, October 4, 2014

New WAC Course: October Enrollment 2014

We, at WAC, had to take a Summer Hiatus due to a series of events that required closing down for the summer but we're BACK!

Our October course will be RS240: Worship, Prayer & Meditation with Rev. Rebecca Walden. This is a great transitional course after the busyness of the summer break and will draw our focus back to the Presence of God, which all things should flow from. It will be a lovely SELAH from which to begin our Fall Quarter.

Course Statement: This course focuses on the challenge of spiritual growth as it relates to the devotional practices of worship, prayer and meditation. It offers grounding in the principles and practices of building an inner devotional life based on the writings of three devotional masters who have gone before us—Jonathan Edwards, Jeanne Guyon, and Brother Lawrence. The goal of this course is to equip the worshiper with the tools required to activate passionate devotion, one of the keys to releasing the nature, character and glory of God both personally and corporately.

Relationship to the Worship Arts Degree Program:
Course Number RS 240, “Worship, Prayer and Meditation”, is a second level course in Religious Studies in the Associate of Worship Arts Degree Program. This curriculum is designed to aid the believer in the pursuit of a deeper relationship with the Lord through an informed understanding of scriptural patterns and principles of whole-hearted devotion to and communion with God. Through the thoughtful study of the lives of biblical and historical “God-chasers” the student will add the skills necessary to maintain a life of worship, prayer and meditation and gain relevant insight into the plan of God for worshipers today.

Course Schedule:
Lesson One: October 6-12, 2014
Lesson Two: October 13-19, 2014
Lesson Three: October 20-31, 2014

Recommended Texts:
~ Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster, 1988, Harper, San Francisco, CA
~ Sacred Pathways, Gary Thomas,
1996, Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI
~ Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ, Madame Jeanne Guyon, 1999, Christian Books Publishing House/The Seed Sowers, Sargent, GA
~ Devotional Classics, Richard Foster and James Bryan Smith, 1993, Harper, San Francisco, CA
~ Practicing His Presence, Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach, 1973, Christian Books Publishing House/The Seed Sowers, Sargent, GA

Click here if you wish to enroll in our October class.

Blessings and welcome back!


Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 2014 Worship Arts Conservatory Course Enrollment

Our June course will be RS265:Worship, Missions & World Evangelism

This course is designed to impart a biblical understanding of the destiny every Believer has as a worship evangelist. Through the study of God’s global plan for missions, the student will evaluate the relevance of indigenous music and culture, spiritual warfare, and the role of his or her personal gifting as tools for partnering with God in the fulfillment of His noble plan.

Week One: 2-8 June 2014

Week Two: 9-15 June 2014

Week Three: 16-22 June 2014

Objectives for RS265:
Upon completion of this course, each student will have an opportunity to:

• Discover God’s global plan for missions

• Evaluate the scriptural concept of missions in light of his or her role as a worshiper 
• Discover his or her personal place of destiny as a worship “evangelist”

• Participate in a brief overview of indigenous national sounds/music to consider its validity and value regarding missions

• Review worship and its relationship to spiritual warfare

• Consider the relevance of culture in the scope of missions

Recommended Reading:
Sally Morgenthaler—Worship Evangelism: Inviting Unbelievers into the Presence of God
(For students who are not able to obtain a copy of the required book selection, chapters will be scanned and posted in the RS265 thread in addition to related lesson.)

Lesson 1—Chapter 2 Longing for God: Retrieving Biblical Worship
& Chapter 4 Worship Evangelism: The Reasons
Lesson 2—Chapter 5 Worship Evangelism: The Essentials
Lesson 3— Chapter 6 Rethinking Cultural Relevance

Please let me know if you plan on taking this class by emailing me here. As always, I am flexible and will accommodate whatever scheduling needs you have.

Blessings to you,


Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Worship Arts Conservatory - May 2014 Course

Our May WAC class will be BS200: The Lifestyle of the Worshiper *
Course Duration: 5-30 May 2014
Course statement: In this course we investigate a series of biblical studies on the history and lifestyles of musicians and singers throughout Bible times. It is designed to challenge us by noting the standard that was required in every area of their lives, from musical abilities to personal devotion. Through this understanding, we desire personal challenge towards excellence in ministry, private devotion and personal holiness.
Relationship to the Worship Arts Degree Program:
BS200:The Lifestyle of the Worshipper is a second level course in Biblical Studies in the Associate of Worship Arts Degree Program. This curriculum is designed to develop an informed understanding of the practical ministerial and devotional lives of Old Testament ministers of worship and how this information relates to worship ministries today.
Recommended Texts:
Blomgren, David K., The Song of the Lord, Portland, OR; Bible Temple Publications, 1978
Hutchinson, Enoch, Music of the Bible, Austin, TX; Gould & Lincoln, 1864
Reynolds, Isham Emmanuel, Music and the Scriptures, Nashville, TN; Broadman Press, 1942
Sendry, Mildred and Alfred N., David’s Harp, New York, NY; Philosophical Library, 1969
Sendy, Alfred, Music in Ancient Israel, New York, NY; Philosophical Library, 1969

Please let me know if you'd like to enroll for the May course by clicking here

*BS200 carries on from BS250:Tabernacle of David although it is not required to have taken BS250 previously.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Worship & the Tabernacle of David

Our April course at The Worship Arts Conservatory will be BS250: Worship & the Tabernacle of David and will run from 2-23 April. I will work with due dates according to your needs for the Easter holiday so please don't let that deter you from taking this class.

Course statement:
In this course we will study the historical background and significance of David’s Tabernacle with particular emphasis on its music and worship elements. Through this course each student will gain insight and understanding of David’s Tabernacle and how it relates to the present-day worship movement of the Church.

Relationship to the Worship Arts Degree Program:
BS 250 is a second level course in Biblical Studies in the Associate of Worship Arts Degree Program. This curriculum will provide an overview of three significant worship structures in the Old Testament—Tabernacle of Moses, Tabernacle of David, and Solomon’s Temple—and how each of these illustrate dimensions of worship expressions and principles evidenced in the culture and life of the Church today. The student will also study the Davidic Covenant and its meaning and relevance to New Testament worship and spiritual sacrifice.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of lessons and assignments the student will:

• Understand the impact of the Old Testament Tabernacles and Temple upon the present-day Church through the contrast and comparison of each structure.
• Evaluate these structures with a critical understanding of the significance of established scriptural patterns and their meaning for the Believer.
• Reflect upon the Davidic Covenant and principles as these relate to the student’s personal and corporate worship life.

Course schedule, requirements and evaluation:
Week 1 April 2-8 BS 250 Tabernacle of David
Week 2 April 9-15 BS 250 Tabernacle of David
Week 3 April 16-23 BS 250 Tabernacle of David

Please email me and let me know if you'd like to enroll for April.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

RA171:Biblical Basis for Art 2014

How would you describe the most provocative
earth-changing Person
in human history?

We'd love you to join us on Monday, March 3rd for RA171: Biblical Basis for Art at the Worship Arts Conservatory (

Course statement: This course examines the Biblical basis for Art as well as the history of music and the arts from the time of the early church until the present era, and its relevance for the 21st century Church. The curriculum is designed to provide an historical summary of the development of western art and culture as well as a theological perspective.

Relationship to the Worship Arts Degree Program: RA 171; “Biblical Basis for Art: Survey of Western Art” is a first level course in Religious Arts in the Associate of Worship Arts Degree Program. This course is designed to develop an informed understanding of the history of the arts and the critical issues relating to their God-given purpose in the Church of the 21st century.

Due Dates:
Lesson One (March 3-9, 2014) — Assignments must be posted by 9th March
Lesson Two (March 10-16, 2014) — Assignments must be posted by 16th March
Lesson Three (March 17-26, 2014) — Assignments must be posted by 26th March

Recommended Texts:
Tolstoy, Leo, What is Art?, Penguin Books, NY; 1995
Noland, Rory, The Heart of the Artist, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, MI, 1999
Borchgrave, Helen de, A Journey into Christian Art, Fortress Press, Minneapolis, MN 1999
Fleming, William, Arts and Ideas, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc., San Francisco, CA; 1974
Greer, Thomas H., A Brief History of Western Man, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., New York, NY; 1977
Hawksley, Lucinda, Cunningham, Antonia, Payne, Laura, Bradbury, Kirsten, Essential History of Art, Parragon Publishing, Bath, UK; 2000
Vasari, Giorgio, translated by Gaston deVere, The Great Masters, Hugh Lauter Levin Associates, Inc., Hong Kong; 1986
Wilson-Dickson, Andrew, The Story of Christian Music, Lion Publishing, Oxford, UK; 1996

Email for inquiries or to enroll: